Meet Britt

So who am I behind the lens? I am a home grown Georgia girl who graduated from UGA (Go Dawgs!). I'm an avid equestrian rider and book enthusiast. In fact, my husband often marvels at how quickly I can power through a good novel. You'll find that I hardly ever meet a stranger, and connecting with my clients is extrememly important to me. For years I have used photography to capture moments of my life. When I look back, what I truly love is the amazing story that these photos tell.

My aim is simple: let's tell a story together. Whether it is your wedding day, or you are welcoming a new addition to the family, or maybe it's your graduation, I want to capture images that tell the world, "Something magical happened here today." Moments in life can be so fleeting, but my goal is to make them timeless. Every photograph taken is one less moment forgotten. I cannot wait to work with you! Together we will make something extradinary! 

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My Life Loves

warm & steamy mugs of coffee or hot tea
my incredible husband and my son. they are both my whole life's happiness
my three perfectly fluffy midnight snugglers.

especially piper, my main girl
the first thing that ever taught me grace & humility. most of my youth was spent on the back of a horse.
that keep you up all night kind of book that you can never put down
my camera, because let's face it- i have the absolute best job in the world.

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