Berry College Engagement | Patrick + Kaylee

There are so many beautiful spots in the world that are absolutely on my bucket list to visit. When you are constantly seeing far off places that are seemingly so out of reach, it is humbling to remember that some of those wondrous places are right in your own backyard. Berry College is one of those breathtaking, must-see spots that every photographer would love to capture. As soon as Kaylee told me that she and Patrick wanted to take their pictures there I was so excited. I’ve been there before, but it only gets more spectacular every time you visit.

Even better, Kaylee and Patrick hold this magical place in a special part of their hearts. The first set of pictures you will see is the exact spot that he asked her to be his wife. It seemed fitting considering they had spent so many of their days together at this school. This time, when we went for their engagement pictures, they also had another important member of their new little family tagging along. I’m not saying Khaleesi was the star of the show, but man does she know how to model! Plus, as her name states, she is totally a queen (calling all GOT fans!).

We had a total blast going to different places all over campus. We even got to experience one of Berry College’s amazing sunsets overlooking the Ford Building grounds. Talk about a perfect way to end the day.

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