Celia + Morgan + Maisie | Love in the Fall Leaves

I was so stoked when this awesome couple reached out to me about doing their wedding photos. Morgan, my husband and I attended the same schools growing up, and it is always so great to work with people that I have known for so long. Plus, when I met Celia we instantly became friends. You know how you meet people and you think, “Oh I get it… We are basically the same person and now need to be besties.” This is what happened! Especially when they said they wanted to have their new puppy in their photos.

This engagement was an absolutely blast. We basically just played in the park until sunset and threw a tennis ball to Maisie. What better way to capture real love and happiness then to just cut loose and play? The sunset was on point, and so were their amazing fall outfits. Do you want real images that showcase your relationship? Then here are three tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to just play and cuddle in front of the camera. Yes, there will be some misses and weird angles. But I promise there will be absolutely magic in those shots- laugh, make weird faces, get out of that comfort zone.
  2. Bring a prop! You don’t have to go DIY crazy or over think it. But just bringing your dog or having a bottle of champagne to share can really ease the tension and give your mind something to think about other than posing.
  3. Wear something you are comfortable in. Seems simple enough but I don’t just mean comfortable standing in. Be ready to sit, walk, run, or even piggy back in this outfit. And having a back up or two isn’t a bad idea! I always say bring one that is a little fancier and one that you would sit on the grass in.

Celia and Morgan nailed all of the above, and these beautiful photos really speak to how much fun they have together. So excited for you guys and I cannot wait for the big day!



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