Finn Turns One!

I can’t even believe that I am writing this post! It feels like just yesterday when we were walking him through the front door and welcoming him to his new life. I remember the moment I first heard his little cry, and held him in my arms. It’s amazing how much joy he has brought to us. Life is simply not the same, and we never want to go back.

Since you can’t really make a wish this year, I will do it for you little man:

My wish for you is that you will continue to grow strong – physically, but also in your resolve to make this world a better place. I love that you inherited your father’s perceptive and gentle way of observing your surroundings and learning new things. And on top of my gray/blue eyes, you got my deep love of animals that never went away as I grew. We wish that this kindness for all lives big and small, continues to live through you everyday as you get older. You are so quick to giggle, and my wish is that you continue to laugh your way through this beautiful life.

You’ve shown that you are full of bravery already- charging here and there at full speed without thinking twice. We wish you continued courage in your resolve. Sometimes the lines between right and wrong are blurred, and it’s important to stand up for what you think is right.

Mostly our wish is that you always know that you are loved. By us, your family, your friends, your dogs, and everyone else this life brings you. You are loved and you always will be.

We are so proud to be your parents little boy. Happy Birthday Finn!

**Throwback to his newborn shoot Here. Cue all the tears**




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