Floral Crowns and Popsicles

Krystal and Justin are pretty much some of the coolest cats I know, so when we started planning this shoot I knew it was going to be off-the-chain awesome. True to my hopes- it did not disappoint.

Our adventure began when we wanted to have both field and awesome urban photos. I decided to hit up Google Earth for some empty looking fields close to their favorite hang out, Downtown Decatur. I found this beautiful gem only 10 miles away and thought it looked pretty promising. Fast forward to the day of the shoot and we all meet at my Google-Earthed field of dreams. Not going to lie, it wasn’t in the best part of town, but we hiked up our boots and trudged into the tall grass. That is when we started coming across massive spiders, ant hills the size of my camera bag, and…. bones. No, I happen to not be kidding about this. BONES! Creepy? Uh, yea! My field of dreams was also a coyotes favorite lunch hang out I guess. Did this stop us?? Heck no! Because Krystal and Justin are awesome and adventurous and probably way to nice to tell me how crazy I was.

Either way, the images we got in our field were beautiful. Krystal made a DIY stunning floral crown the night before, which happens to be my favorite accessory (swoon!). We should really all just wear floral crowns everywhere we go. Justin was also perfectly accessorized, as he always is according to his amazing instagram posts. You should follow them both- they are pretty cool- @kmoonpie and @justinbtuck. And me!! Follow me too- @britraephoto

After we were done in the field we headed to downtown decatur to capture some pictures in their favorite hang out. The day was ended with some delicious popsicles. I mean…. engagement photo shoot of everyone’s dreams! Amiright?!

Thank you both for being so willing to head into some sketchy places to capture these fabulous engagement portraits. Absolutely worth it!

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