Joe + Amanda | Wright Farm Wedding

Amanda and Joe have that best-friend-factor kind of love… You know what I’m talking about right? That obvious connection between two people that let’s you know that they are united through more then just chemistry, but by a true bond of friendship that will make their marriage last forever. When they are apart they simply cannot wait to be back together again, and when they are with one another this sense of peace and happiness rests over them. I know that kind of love- it’s exactly how I feel with Sam. He is the person that my soul recognizes as home, and the only one that I want to spend the rest of my days with… These two have been together since high school. When you know, you just know! It’s rare to find your person so young. It takes a special bond to overcome the awkward perils of growing up and changing, and to do that while remaining together- it’s a special thing!

Their wedding was absolutely stunning, and watching how excited their friends were for them was so moving. There wasn’t a dry eye during the ceremony, yes- including mine. Congratulations to these two, who are heading back to the west coast after their sweet southern wedding. Georgia will miss you!

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