Kelly + Taylor | A Forever Kind of Love

Kelly and Taylor are some of our very best friends. Taylor was my husband’s best man and they have known each other since childhood. When you get married you find that it comes with an addition of a whole new set of friends, and Kelly is one of the best of that group. She is truly one of the sweetest and most caring individuals I have ever met. She and Taylor are highschool sweethearts, and when he finally popped the question you could practically hear the cheers of “Finally!” all across the state. He proposed after a helicopter ride on top of the Westin hotel, and he had all their friends waiting in the lobby to celebrate. Does it get anymore perfect than that?? Well yes, he had me there to capture the entire thing. Heck yes!!

We feel so blessed to have two amazing people like you as friends, and we are so thrilled to be there to watch you start the next step of your love story. Much love to you both!

Engagement Sunset-1

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