Krystal + Justin | Reid Barn Wedding

I remember meeting Krystal for the first time while we sipped vanilla lattes and talked about her wedding day. Ever since, I have been so excited to share the images of their lovely day. It was something about the way that she talked about Justin… Her eyes would light up and she would glow as she recounted the steps that brought her to a meeting with her potential wedding photographer. They met amongst a group of friends and felt instant chemistry. Little did she know that he would be proposing using a book that he had cut to make room for a beautiful diamond ring.

Working with them was as effortless as their romance. They simply fall into each other arms and brim with love and excitement while they are together. Justin presented Krystal with a book of love notes and thoughts that he had been compiling since they started dating. I think it’s safe to say that when he met her he knew that it would all lead to this day, and these precious moments. This, however, is only the beginning of a magical and timeless love and life together. It was an honor capturing part of your love story.

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