Ryan + Jessie | Roswell Mill Engagement

I love that I’m writing this post right now. It’s amazing to know somebody for almost your whole life and then witness them find their perfect person. My family has been close to the Donahue’s since we first moved to Georgia. Ryan and I used to meet up for Nintendo 64 dates and torture our younger siblings whenever our parents used to trust us to babysit. I watched this man grown into the confident and well rounded person that he is today, but watching him become somebody’s fiance is so beyond wonderful. Never before have I seen him look so content and full of love. Meeting Jessie, it was easy to see why they fit so well together. Truly a yin and yang match, I watched them flirt and embrace as if they have known each other forever. My heart is happy as my friend begins this next adventure of his life, and I am so blessed to continue to be a part of that journey.

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