Strawberry Pie and Sweet Saturdays

Do any of you use Kroger Clicklist? I know… strange way to start a blog. But it has truly changed my world. I go online, tell them what I want, and then I drive to the grocery store and they immediately load all my groceries. Yes… I’ll let you take that in for a second.


Ok rant over- the reason I bring it up is that sometimes I accidentally (or purposefully) order things I don’t need. It’s also, incidentally, is very easy to order something in a miniature or travel size. Such as toothpaste, tiny ketchup, tiny parmesan container… (all of which I have done)  But I get off topic… Today I happened to order three massive containers of pre sliced strawberries. Wayyyy too many for even Finn to gum through prior to them going bad. So when Kroger Click list gives you lemons… er, strawberries… What do you do? Pie!!

I didn’t, however, have that handy dandy pre made pie crust. I loath making homemade crust. In fact, I have never successfully made it, and last year it brought me to tears. Over dramatic? Perhaps, but I challenge you to the task. There is definitely an art, or trick, or magic power. But this time, I DID IT! Que dramatic trumpets and chorus music folks. It was a bucket list accomplisment.

If you’d like the recipe I followed for the pie the link is below. I used Ina Garten’s perfect pie crust recipe. Happy Pie making folks!

Strawberry Lattice Pie Recipe


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