Susie + Ryan | When Thunderheads meet Sunsets

Do you ever meet people and just instantly click with them? When I met Susie and Ryan I immediately knew that these were my kind of people. We had such a blast during their session, and they were totally down for a little bit of an adventure. Which is great, because I hiked them all over the place (no really…. it was crazy). They even got to experience my amazing driving skills first hand (curb hopping and all). Despite it all, they just laughed and kept being amazingly cute together.

It was all worth it when the thunderheads starting clashing into a warm, orange sunset. Lightening could be seen from atop Arabian mountain for miles. And yes, I tried and tried to capture a bolt in camera. We shot until we could barely see our feet as we walked back down the mountain, and we just missed the rain as we reached our cars. It was absolutely spectacular!

I adored the chemistry between them. They have that easy kind of love- where you are perfectly content laughing at each other and enjoy just being in the moment. It’s going to make their wedding day so perfect. I can’t wait!

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