When Life Gives you Lemons….

Usually this is the part where I say, “Buy tequila and made margaritas!!” However, I am currently on a health kick and trying to find ways to kick those sweet cravings. Plus, the prettiest day of the year has me yearning for Summery beverages and long evenings in my backyard. Which brings me to this – super delicious, freshly-squeezed lemonade with pretty much ZERO caloric value. Doesn’t get better than zero calories in my book! This lemonade is packed with Vitamin C and has no added sugar. Here is what you will need:

10 lemons (2 for garnish)

Water- roughly 1 quart

Stevia 2-3 tsp (to taste)

Optional: Turmeric (1-2 tsp)

Have you read all the fabulous benefits of Turmeric lately? Turmeric dramatically increases antioxidant properties in your body. It also is a known natural aid to fight depression, potent anti-inflammatory, and assists with heart burn. Can you say super food?? I say throw in a tsp or two if you can handle it. Don’t go overboard though – it can be slightly bitter.

Directions? Squeeze those lemons!! I added roughly 3/4 cup of lemon juice to 6 cups of water but I LOVE lemon. Add to taste and then begin to add your stevia. I would go one tsp at a time, some stevia brands are sweeter than others. I used 3 1/2 tsps in my recipe. Then, slice the last two lemons to fancy up your pitcher and glasses. Want to jazz it up?? Splash some fizzy club soda in there and you will feel like you are sipping a fabulous cocktail. Or Champagne! Ok, we can at least pretend it is as good as those things.

Cheers from my kitchen to yours!

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